The present survey was designed to study the small scale mushroom growers in the country and to find out the problems and constraints faced by them plus the different people and institutions involved in their enterprise development. The mushroom growers at villages located in the Kalutara district was selected for the case study. The direct interview method using a structured questionnaire was employed to collect information from 40 farmers. The sample contained 56 % female and 44 % males of various age categories. This is a perfect SME level farming opportunity which can start with minimal resources. SenzAgro brings the affordable cutting edge technologies to improve mushroom farming in Sri Lanka. our packaged technologies to improve mushroom farming include environment monitoring sensing systems and temperature humidity controlling machnaisums. Detailed SME development reference available here. Collaborate with SenzAgro for more informations.

Business Case / Problem:

  • Most mushroom farms grow their mushrooms indoors – humidity, temperature and CO2 in all areas of the farm must be precisely controlled to produce optimal growth
  • Manually controlling the environment can be very time consuming and most heating, A/C and humidity control systems have very imprecise automated control.

Solution Overview:

  • Getting maximum productivity out of a mushroom farm requires day-by-day changes to optimal humidity, temperatures and CO2 depending on the growth stage this requires an automated solution (or a cost-ineffective amount of manual labour)
  • Continues monitoring of Temperature (Soil+Air), Humidity (Soil+Air), CO2 (Air)
Need of tech aid
  • Soil humidity, temperature and CO2 is tracked in real time via sensors placed into the mushroom growing system at key intervals.
  • Factors of growth are controlled automatically based on data from sensors to follow an optimal “growth curve” for the mushrooms at their different stages of development
Supported Actions
  • Solution Deployment Size: Cloud connected sensors
  • Solution Type: Subscription Based
  • Key Business Requirements: Precise monitoring of humidity, temperature and CO2
  • Automate hydroponic system and provide warnings to operators
Results gained
  • Increased Productivity – 35%

  • Reduction Labour cost – 28%

  • Increased Quality of Product.

  • Effective disease controlling methods.
  • Improved energy saving by 20%
  • predictable yield with less fluctuations.