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SenzAgro provides, End-to-end farm sensing, crop specific analytics & apps For faster, more informed decision-making and irrigation automation.

Farm sensing

Get accurate, more reliable digital sensor information from your field to palm.

Environment Sensing

Real-time temperature & Humidity monitoring for Greenhouse & Polytunnel.

Remote irrigation Scheduling

access and control your irrigation motors and valves from where ever you are.

Farm Scouting Application

SenzAgro Farm scout a free smart phone app to manage your farm more efficiently. 

SenzAgro weather node

Cloud-connected weather Station to aware you farm weather status on time.

Research Support

Institutions and Universities are welcome to create Join research with SenzAgro.


Sensing raw data from soil,environment then stream it to MAGMA Cloud.

Crop Science

Integrating crop specific parameters to feed the decision making engine.

Decision Engine

Real time decision making for irrigation,fertigation and pest prevention instructions. 

Automation and Access

Remote access and apply the precise irrigation and fertigation decisions.

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