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SenzAgro open field sensors

SenzAgro open field Sensor Node

Solar powered standalone sensor nodes for open-field precision farming. Sensor nodes can collect important ambient and soil data with inbuilt sensors. GSM enabled sensor nodes stream soil and environment sensor data even with low coverage.

Micro climate sensors

Grow Medium Sensors

Battery powered,low energy, easy plug & play device. communicate with a master node via NRF connectivity within a 100m range.

Environment Sensors

Act as a NRF master node for the soil sensors and real time communication with internet via GSM connectivity. Act as the environment sensor node as well. 

Smart Irrigation Solution

SenzAgro Pulse Valves
  • Can handle between 0.3 ~ 8 bar pressure 
  • Body material: PA66 plastic
  • Ultra Low power operates with 5V DC
SenzAgro Valve Controllers
  • Master valve circuit.
  • Controller operates with Solar power.
  • GSM Connectivity & Unlimited Cloud Access.

Keep track of your plants pulse!

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