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Lanka Business online- Jul 2019

Reviving vigorously from its near death experience, SenzMate started new business lines, built new partnerships, and won new investors including one of Sri Lanka’s largest conglomerates…

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SenzAgro the first precision agriculture technology startup in Sri Lanka, Coming from a traditional agriculture subcontinent, South Asian farmers are struggling to feed 2 Billion people against the severe climate change effects and limited resources…

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The practice of agriculture in Sri Lanka is still very much done the traditional way. However, in a time where food security and sustainability is a concern, these traditional methods may not cut it,…

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The budget has allocated Rs. 250 Million to introduce Agriculture Technology Demonstration Parks to 5 Districts – The purpose of this initiative is to help introduce new technologies and crops of higher value to farmers.

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Agriculture in many parts of the world, including India and Sri Lanka, follow the traditional way.  With sustainability and Global Warming becoming key concern for many, young minds coming up with new solutions is like a breath of fresh air….

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SenzAgro first IoT/Sensor based precision agriculture solution in Sri Lanka secure senior level leadership mentors, along with opportunities for further investment during or after the accelerator programme…

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A unique Sri Lankan startups,SenzAgro won the SLUSH 2017 Sri Lankan competition and the winner will fly to Helsinki, Finland to take part at the SLUSH global event in November this year, where over 2,300 startups and at least 1,100 investors from across the world are expected to participate….

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