As we all know, Strawberries are luscious fruits filled with loads of nutrients. They make a delightful breakfast when

combined in yogurts, kefir, granola recipes. When looking into the growth requirements of Strawberries, they are low-growing woody plants with fibrous root system. Some of the major factors that precisely affect the vegetative growth, quality and yield are temperature, photo period and light intensity.

Ground gardens, raised beds, and containers have been found to be the exceptional growing areas for these appetizing fruits. One of the best part about growing strawberries are they require very small quantities of fertilizers compared to other horticultural crops.

Business Case / Problem:

  • Prolonged periods of high temperatures may have negative effects on the size and fruit quality.
  •    Higher night time temperature results in lower quality fruits due to interrupted respiration.
  • Low relative humidity have negative effect on the calcium uptake resulting in tip burn and calyx burn having an overall negative impact on fruit quality.
  • Irrigation more than required can cause deformed organs or malformed fruits.
  • The increase in salt concentration (alkaline soils) may results in plant death hence decrease in the fruit yield
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Solution Overview:

  • 4000 Sqft Greenhouse with 1500 Strawberry plants.
  • Depending upon soil type and growth conditions, providing approximately 25–50 mm of water per week is needed to obtain high quality strawberry.
  • Continues monitoring of Temperature (Soil+Air), Humidity (Soil+Air), CO2 (Air) and precisely operating the misters, Drip irrigation and pad& fan systems.
  • 24/7 “farm in hand” access.
Need of tech aid
  • (Soil+ environment) humidity, temperature is tracked in real time via multiple sensors placed in the greenhouse.
  • Factors of growth are controlled automatically based on data from sensors to follow an optimal “growth curve” for the strawberry at their different stages of development
Supported Actions
  •  Cloud connected sensors
  • Key Business Requirements: Precise monitoring of humidity, temperature and EC,Moisture
  • Automate hydroponic system and provide warnings to operators.
  • Automate irrigation, Misting based on real time data.
Results gained
  • Improve labor efficiency 
  • Reduce energy consumption 
  • Improve crop quality and yield
  • Analyze crop analytics and historic data
  • Use machine learning models to automatically adjust your irrigation equipment.