The cucumber responds like a semi tropical plant. It grows best under conditions of high temperature, humidity, and light intensityand with an uninterrupted supply of water and nutrients. Under favorable and stable environmental and nutritional conditions and when pests are under control, the plants grow rapidly and produce heavily. SenzAgro Greenhouse Automation to Salad Cucumber is very important for the main stem, laterals, and tendrils to grow fast. They need frequent pruning to a single stem and training along vertical wires to maintain an optimal canopy that intercepts maximum light and allows sufficient air movement. With Greenhouse automation – salad cucumber farmers will get great benifits with less risk.

Business Case / Problem:

  • Prolonged periods of high temperatures may adversely affect fruit quality.
  • Low relative humidity favors the growth of powdery mildew and spider mites. 
  • Irrigation timing should not interfere with pollination and should allow surfaces to dry before nightfall.
  • the salt concentration of the irrigation water increased. The yield reduction was about 17% for a 1 mmho/cm increase in the E.C.
Gampaha greenhouse

Solution Overview:

  • 4000 Sqft Greenhouse with 1500 salad cucumber plants.
  • Depending upon soil type and growth conditions, providing approximately 25–50 mm of water per week is needed to obtain high quality cucumbers.
  • Continues monitoring of Temperature (Soil+Air), Humidity (Soil+Air), CO2 (Air) and precisely operating the misters, Drip irrigation and pad& fan systems.
  • 24/7 “farm in hand” access.
Cucumber i Greenhouse
Need of tech aid
  • (Soil+ environment) humidity, temperature is tracked in real time via multiple sensors placed in the greenhouse.
  • Factors of growth are controlled automatically based on data from sensors to follow an optimal “growth curve” for the cucumber at their different stages of development
Supported Actions
  •  Cloud connected sensors
  • Key Business Requirements: Precise monitoring of humidity, temperature and EC,Moisture
  • Automate hydroponic system and provide warnings to operators.
  • Automate irrigation, Misting based on real time data.
Results gained
  • Improve labor efficiency 
  • Reduce energy consumption 
  • Improve crop quality and yield
  • Analyze crop analytics and historic data
  • Use machine learning models to automatically adjust your irrigation equipment.