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SenzAgro offer farmers a powerful smart irrigation system with advanced soil sensor technology and cloud-based Ag analytics that integrates with micro-irrigation systems helping farmers to increase crop yield and reduce water, fertilisation and energy costs. SenzAgro smart irrigation system enabling a winning chance against the effects of climate change!

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Open field

IoT enabled End-to-end farm sensing, analytics and irrigation automation for open-field farmers, For faster, informed decision-making and yield improvements.


Indoor Farming

Affordable indoor farming technologies enabled with more precision, and  control to maximise productivity per square meter to get a faster return on investment.


Urban Growers

Home growers gain better capacities to monitor, control and know what exactly their loving plants need with our suite of sensor tools, enabling you to grow  more in a limited space.


Upload the farm & stay connected with your plants!

SenzAgro soil Sensing

SenzAgro farm sensing technology allows the farmer to understand the plants living condition in real-time.

Farm scouting App

Farm scouting collects farmers observations periodically and feed data to make wise decisions.

Drone Tech

SenzAgro “AgXspot” observe largescale plantations from beyond the capabilities of the sensor. 

Irrigation control
Smart Irrigation

By understanding plant requirements, our connected  system precisely does the treatment.

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SeznAgro Partnership Program 2020

Join the mission to make a smart agricultural revolution in the region 

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“By 2050, feeding a planet of 9 billion people will require an estimated 50 per cent increase in agricultural production. on the other hand, a large percentage of 2nd generation farmers moving out of agriculture due to resource scarcity and climate change. It’s a must to produce more with less. SenzAgro took the challenge to feed the world with the help of technology. Join us to give a fighting chance! let’s build a better place!

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